Timmy Indian

by Idgy Dean

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New demo singles for the forthcoming full-length, Ominous Harminus.


released March 19, 2013

Tracks 1 and 2 written, performed, recorded and mixed by Lindsay Sanwald. Most of this was tracked at home, some parts were tracked late night and alone at Spaceman Sound music studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (infinite thanks, always, to Tom Tierney and Alex Mead-Fox for giving me the keys to the Corvette). Track 3 was arranged for the Off-Broadway debut of Frank Winters' play, "On The Head Of A Pin." It uses samples from VulpineSmile's "A Complex Martyr Complex" and "The Children Dream of Laughing," plus samples of Jen Tullock's voice re-edited by Erica Ricketts. Track 1 mastered by Tom Tierney, tracks 2 and 3 mastered by Jon Cohrs at Spleenless Mastering in Brooklyn, NY.

Huge thanks to Jen, Rudy, Tom, Alex, Jon, Frank, Annie Peacenik, Sam Baumel, and Shain Tefft for playing such a significant role in getting these songs made over many years. And most of all, Dad---pictured here at 19-years-old on the motorcycle he bought with the money he earned from his first tour in 1969, on his way to Woodstock.



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Idgy Dean Brooklyn, New York

A one-woman psychedelic dream-pop band, with DIY beats and reveries built from the bottom up.

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Track Name: The Indian Squirrel Dance
why's everybody always keepin' stuff from me?
i guess it's my own fault, i breed calamity.
well i know better than you think i do.
talk to me when i speak in harmless tones of girl.
why do i talk like this? i know i could be more.
but you wouldn't love me any other way.

i love my country (oh do you?) oh yes i do, oh
(why would you leave it then?) i won't (oh but you want to)
i love my husband (oh do you?) oh yes i do, oh
(why would you leave him then?) i won't (oh but you want to)
do what you want to.

i do.
Track Name: Timmy Ain't A Patriot (Chant)
i pledge allegiance to the flag.
don't you ever think about the things that you have?
all of the people inside of me.
sympathy for the people, set them free.
i pledge allegiance, so do you?

away, it's gotten away, today,
well the bombs they will kill us all one day,
(albert told us so)
and i thought this nation stood for freedom?
oh no, just settle down, salute your flag.

c'mon, let's get happy!
and bring your family, too!
she looks so pretty!
oh, but it flies.